Attending a new church can be a daunting task. We understand that the lobby of a church can feel like the loneliest place in the world. Even the thought of it might have you pressing the snooze button on your phone this Sunday morning. Believe us, we totally understand. We want to make a deal with you. If you work up the courage to walk in through our front doors we promise to make your experience as comfortable as possible. We won’t make you stand up and introduce yourself or do anything weird. At most we will probably introduce ourselves and say, “Hey, welcome to River of Life!” We want you to be as involved as you want. If you want to come and sit in the back so no one will bother you that’s totally okay! If people are talking and you start to feel awkward just pull out your phone, this is the universal sign for “don’t talk to me!” We get it.

But if you want to get more connected, we want to make that as easy as possible! There will be a small info card where you can give us your info so we can stay in contact and strike up a friendship.

Let us break down what a typical gathering will look like at River of Life Church.

    1. Show Up
    2. Worship – our worship is contemporary, casual, and fun! We love God and show Him enthusiastically.
    3. Teaching – our teaching is Spirit led and practical. You’ll leave with something to chew on.
    4. It’s over

*no need to dress up or be something you’re not. Come as you are.

If you are totally new to this “Jesus thing”, we understand that church and Christian culture can seem really weird. It kind of is. So if you have any questions or concerns about anything please feel free to contact us and we would love to talk with you. No topic is off the table.

We just want to be friends with you and tell you about Jesus. That’s all!